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The author discourse of Patrik Suskind and its implementation in the text

I.A. Shipova
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Shipova Irina A.,

Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Professor

of the German Language Department

Moscow State Pedagogical University



The article provides information about the author’s discourse as a specific form of the textual realization of the author’s intention. The author considers the peculiarities of the author’s discourse of the modern German writer P. Süskind, which opens the boundaries of his text in two directions: in the inner and in the outer. This provision is illustrated with the texts of the novel “Das Perfume” and the story “Die Geschichte von Herrn Sommer” The intertextuality of the postmodern text of P. Süskind is confirmed by the similarity of language practices in his works with those used in the texts of German romantics. The analysis shows that the author’s discourse of Süskind is characterized by a number of identical elements at all levels of language organization. The most striking in their row is the expressive syntax, with the help of which dense text fabric with a high degree of expressiveness is created. This property can be observed with varying degrees of explicitness in more than one text by this author, which makes it possible to highlight the properties of the author’s discourse of P. Süskind and propose an algorithm for conducting similar studies with other artistic texts belonging to writers of different eras and directions.

Keywords: author’s discourse, literary text, language practices, grammatical parallelism, aposiopesis, interrogatives, exclamatives.



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