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The “After…” series by Ann Todd and the phenomenon of its popularity in Russia

Т.Т. Davydova, E.V. Kulikova
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Kulikova Еlena V.,

Candidate of Philology, Head of the Linguistics and

Cross-Cultural CommunicationDepartment

Kosygin Russian State University


Davydova Tatiana T.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Russian Language and

Literary History Department

Moscow Polytechnic University



 The article deals with the phenomenon of popularity with Russian readers of the “After..” series bymodern American writer Ann Todd. The role of“After…” seriesis really important for Russian audienceas it,like Harry Potter series some years ago for Russian teenagers,became the bookseries that managed toreturn theyoung adults in Russia to reading, even those who was not in reading at all. That is the main reason why academic literary criticism has to pay attention to this author and her works. The innovativeness of the research is due to introduction of the new material into academical consideration and the first attempt to realize what makes this piece of literature so popular with Russian readers. The article also deals with main trends in psychological literature which can be find in the “After…” series. As the result ofthe research the following conclusions can be done: there are clearly several points that attract the reader’s attention: first, a fascinating story, the ability of the author to hold the reader's attention, finding her market niche in theyoung adults literature and depth and sincerity with that she describesthe difficulties of the target audienceand psychological analyses brought her worldwide popularity and a great number of fans in Russia.

Keywords: Anna Todd, American literature, modern literature, psychological analysis in literature.



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