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The literary process of the 20–30s of the XX century and the formation of creative individuality (based on the material of North Caucasian poetry)

Yu.M. Thagazitov, A.M. Kazieva, F.T. Uzdenova
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Thagazitov Yuriy M.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher of the

Institute for Humanitarian Studies

Kabardian-Balkarian Scientific Center

of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Kazieva Almira М.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Literature and

Pedagogical Technologies Department

Pyatigorsk State University 


Uzdenova Fatima T.,

Candidate of Philology, Senior Scientific Researcher



of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies




Kabardian-Balkarian Scientific Center

of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The practice of national literature development exposed various aspects of the problems associated with the specifics of artistic thinking. Along with questions concerning the nature and direction of development of genres, form and subject-forming formants, poetic and stylistic peculiarities, the problem of creative individuality, which is able to reflect the world in the dialectical trinity, is particularly acute, (the subjective factor due to which perhaps aesthetic development of reality). Such a decision is directly related with the definition of the artist´s role in the evolutionary process. The processes in North Caucasian literature in the first half of the 20th century entailed the transformation of artistic and aesthetic consciousness. The creativity by Ali Shogentsukov, A. Budayev, A. Urtenov, A. Bashirov, T. Beybulatov and others largely outstripped the understanding of national history and culture development by contemporaries. At the turn of the XIX th and XX th centuries the form and content of the majority of North Caucasian literatures are developed, which rely mainly on the folklore and religious consciousness of the people, the traditions of the East and Russian Soviet classics, which determined the line of creative individuality evolution.

Keywords: creative individuality, North Caucasian literature, genre, literary process, poetry.



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