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Review of the monograph by L.F. Haraeva, Z.A. Kuchukova “Gender and its ethnic dimension (on material of the Kabardian female prose)”

I.A. Kazharova
80,00 ₽


Kazharova Inna A.,

Candidate of Philology,

Senior Researcher of the Kabardino-Circassian Literature Sector

The Institute for the Humanities Research — Filial of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Establishment Federal Scientific Center “Kabardian-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”



The monograph under review represents the first experience of ethnogender research carried out on the basis of folklore texts and fiction. Ethnical peculiarities of gender stereotypes, their transformation and emergence of new gender models are actualized in the context of Kabardian prose with the use of the author's innovative methodology — “gender expertise”. The principle of the integrity of the gender picture of the world is proposed and justified incorporating four cognitive levels. Within the framework of gender comparativistics, the hidden ambivalence of the value dominants, postulated by the male author who writes about the woman, and the author-woman writing about the woman, is revealed in the works of Kabardian literature of the twentieth century. In the light of the foreshortened perspective on the material of the novels of Dina Damian “In this world I am a passer-by” and Dina Arma “The Way Home” shows how in the new century the specificity of masculine and feminine mentality is gradually becoming an object of artistic comprehension. Through accentuation of the ethnical components of Kabardian prose, her progress is defined from gender asymmetry to gender symmetry. The publication puts forward and validates on an extensive empirical material an effective algorithm for revealing the ethnominal conditionality of gender, authentic and universal in the history of culture, thereby laying the foundation and outlining the prospect for further studies of this kind.

Keywords: Z.A. Kuchukova, L.F. Kharaeva, gender, ethnogender, gender expertise, Kabardian literature, women’s prose.