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Native languages of the USA: terminological and legislative aspects

T.G. Borgoiakova
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Borgoiakova Tamara G.,

Dr. Sci. in Philology, professor,

Head of the Research Institute of Humanities and Sayano-Altay Turkology and a professor at the Katanov Khakass State University (Abakan)



The article reveals the peculiarities of the terminological nomination of the Native American languages in the USA and their modern legislative status, taking into account the historical context of its formation and development, as well as modern trends aimed at abandoning ethno-cultural and socio-economic discrimination. The main attention is paid to the content of the basic laws on the Native languages of the United States, adopted in the early 1990s, to the development of their provisions at the federal and state levels at the beginning of the new century.

Keywords: language policy, language legislation, indigenous languages of the USA, language shift, sociolinguistics, minority languages.


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