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Review of the Literary and Art edition of M.B. Shaposhnikova “P.S. Solovyova, V.Y. Bryusov, M.A. Voloshin, A.A. Blok, A. Bely. Nomads of Beauty”

M.V. Mikhailova
80,00 ₽


Mikhailova Maria V.,

Professor of History of Modern Russian Literature

and Contemporary Literary Process Department,

Honorary professor Faculty of Philology

Lomonosov Moscow State University



The review examines the rich printing and literary composition of a unique album of art, which collects the works of the masters of Russian symbolism in a single volume. A. Blok, A. Bely, P. Solovyova, M. Voloshin, V. Bryusov are presented as original, and sometimes very professional artists, who turn to the visual arts in order to interpret their works or reveal their inner feelings. Drawings, sketches, illustrations, created to illuminate their own works, shed light not only on the artistic preferences of the aforementioned poets, but also on the creative explorations of Russian symbolism and the Silver Age as a whole.

Keywords: P.S. Solovyova, V.Y. Bryusov, M.A. Voloshin, A.A. Blok, A. Bely, symbolism, graphics, archival materials, poetry.