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Methodology of data collection and processing for the creation of associative and metaphoric dictionary of the Russian language designed for automated text processing systems (AMD-ATPS)

N.V. Golovko
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Golovko Nikolay V.,

Ph.D. in Philology, Lecturer at the Department of Russian Speech Culture

North Caucasus State University, Institute of Humanities



The article describes the methodology developed by the author, in accordance with which it is planned to create a special kind of associative dictionary of the Russian language intended for automated text processing systems. The technical requirements and parameters for the deployment of the Internet website, the resources of which will be applied for data collection, are characterized; the requirements for the audience of respondents who will participate in the identification of associations in the process of the psycholinguistic experiment, and the corresponding criteria for selecting participants in the work on the dictionary, are described; the procedure for questioning respondents online is developed and presented. In addition, a sequence of actions is described, which is intended for the processing of the received information and its final presentation in the form of a dictionary database accessible both for reference in human readable form and for use in external software products in machine-readable form.

Keywords: associative dictionary, automated text processing systems, lexical semantics, metaphor, the Russian language.




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