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Method of montage as a structure-forming element in the story of V.S. Makanin “Voices”

Q. Gong
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Gong Qingqing,

Post-graduate student of the History of Modern Russian literature and Modern literary process

Lomonosov Moscow University



During the development of cinematograph, the synthesis tendency of literature and cinema becomes more and more obvious. As an important way of thinking in literary and cinematographic poetics, the montage, on the one hand, serves as the compositional principle, on the other hand, it facilitates the transfer of the author’s worldview. A vivid example of this is the creativity of V. Makanin, in general, and his story “Voices” in particular. The writer uses the montage and leitmotif structure, which manifests itself in the mix of micro-plots and the change of narrative strategies, and in the construction of the “chronotope”, based on the opposition of the moment and eternity. This allows him to create a special art space inside the literary work, reflecting the writer’s strategy and worldview.

Keywords: Makanin, “The voices”, montage, leitmotif, author’s worldview.




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