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“Own” it as “someone else's” in the novel of V. Kaverin “Two captains”

E.Yu. Gejmbuh
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Geymbukh Elena Yu.,

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor

Faculty of the Russian language

Moscow City Pedagogical University



The article is devoted to one of the private organization of the structure of the narrative in the first person: the problem of ways of alienation of “his” speech from the discourse to the main subject of the narrative and functions of such exclusion. As the frequency is considered such methods of alienation of “their” words from the main narrative monologue, as the direct speech in quotation marks, avtoritety, a change in the type of narration from third person to second, metatext. The study of the methods and functions of the exclusion of private speech of the subject of the narrative from the main narrative monologue not only helps to see the complexity of the internal world of the hero and the dynamics of its growth, but also greatly enhances the presentation of subjective and spatio-temporal relations in the text. The alienation of “his” speech from the main narrative can either emphasize conventional monologue-memories semantics (the greater or lesser remoteness of time telling about an event from the actual event) or to break it.

Keywords: the specifics of the narrative, it “their own” and “alien” ways of differentiation.



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