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The composition as the basis of the organization of the subject matter in K. Grahame’s “The Reluctant Dragon”

M.A. Burtseva, A.A. Burtsev
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Burtseva Marina A.,

Сandidate of Philological sciences, Associate Professor,

Department of Oriental Languages and Area Studies

North-Eastern Federal University



Burtsev Anatoly A.,

Doctor of Letters, Professor,

Department of Russian and World Literature

North-Eastern Federal University



The article studies the composition features of “The Reluctant Dragon”, a children’s fairy tale by Kenneth Grahame, a Scottish writer, one of the classics of the children’s literature. The story was published as a chapter in his Dream Days (1898). The composition as the basis of the organization of the subject matter of the work is a system of intertextual discourses and includes the following elements: various modifications of the narration (observing chronicle, emotional narrative and omniscient auctorial); phrases of the characters in the form of the agreeing / disagreeing dialogue, understanding / misunderstanding dialogue, and the opposing dialogue; a specific form of anti-dialogue; and discourse-emphasized reflections-mediations. The research of the compositional features of the English literary fairy tale, basing on the textual reality of the work, allows deeper revealing of its artistic and aesthetic value.

Keywords: composition, subject matter, discourse, narration, dialogue, meditation.




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