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Precedent Names and Texts of Russian Literature in the Works of Olga Fokina

A.V. Petrov
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Petrov Andrey V.,

Doctor sciences in Philology, associate professor,

professor of Russian language and speech culture

Northern (Arctic) Federal University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk, Russia



In her poetry, Olga Fokina uses some precedent names and texts of Russian literature: references, quotations, allusions, epigraphs, dedications – as a remarkable means of expression. The analysis of their use gives us a better understanding of the characteristics of the world created by this extraordinary poetess who is well known as a representative of the folk subgenre of modern Russian literature; her poetry is based on the way people actually see the world, is full of folkloric motifs and elements of natural speech. A.S. Pushkin and N.A. Nekrasov, whose names and works are often mentioned in O.A. Fokina’s poems, had a great influence on her when she was growing as a master of artistic expression. V.V. Mayakovsky was the main character of the poetess’s early works. What’s also important and significant for O.A. Fokina’s poetry, are creative allusions to such poets and writers as A.Y. Yashin, F.A. Abramov, N.M. Rubtzov.

Keywords: Olga Fokina’s poetry, precedent name, precedent text, intertextuality, allusion.



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