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Promoting of New Scientific Knowledge in Research Paper in Linguistics

V.E. Tchernyavskaya
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Cherniavskaia Valeria E.,

Prof., Dr. Sci. (Philology),

Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Politechnic University



The article focuses specific linguistic choices that facilitate the process of disseminating research outcomes and findings in the form of texts both among scholars and experts in the field. Research paper in peer-reviewed specialist periodicals in linguistics is considered to be a source of information transfer, information mining and extraction. A linguo-epistemic approach was used to analize the research papers published 2013—2015 in Russian peer-reviewed specialist periodicals in linguistics. We argue the issue of how new ‘chunks’ of text semantics are realized through a system of linguistic choices of a given text so as to hold a prominent position in it.

Keywords: structure of the scientific knowledge, scientific text, knowledge dissemination, linguo-epistemic strategy.




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