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The Question of the evocative influence in the media discourse

M.V. Konovalova
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Konovalova Maria V.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Chelyabinsk State University



In the article the question of similarity and difference of concepts of speech and evocative influence is considered. The evocative effect is presented as a subtype of the speech effect. The definitions of evocation and evocative influence are applied to the media discourse. The material was the media texts of American, European and Russian segments of the Internet, processed using the Google search metrics, as well as the text of the analytical report of R. Simcox, an analyst at the American Institute for Strategic Studies “Heritage Foundation”, entitled “Al-Qaeda Still Threatens Europe: How the U.S. Can – and Should – Help”. The results of the analysis of the concept of AL-KAIDA: the conceptual analysis of conceptual features, the cognitive-matrix analysis of its figurative features, the contextual analysis of appraisal features, explicating the verbalization of its conceptual features in the media text are presented. The novelty of the study is seen in the fact that the conceptual signs are considered from the standpoint of the evocative influence on the recipient. It is proved that the verbalization of the concept in the media text can be carried out with the aim of providing an evocative influence.

Keywords: speech influence, evocative influence, the concept of AL-CAIDA, media text, headlines of media texts, analytical report.




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