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The term of Platinum Age in Russian literature of late XXth – early XXI centuries

O.A. Kling
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Kling Oleg A.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Faculty of Philology, Head of the Department of Theory of Literature

Lomonosov Moscow State University University



The article offers a new term to determine a special period in history of Russian literature and literary criticism. One could assume that the period of time of late XXth — early XXIst century in terms of But even in the era of explosions, when culture is being sharply upgraded (platinum century), and even in preceding and subsequent periods of stagnation and crises, literature, in spite of society’s tendencies to a kind of cultural amnesia, has a number of defense mechanisms that make it possible not only to maintain, but also to pass their cultural memory to the next generation. Literary text is a self-born structure that, for all the variability, updates, maintains and transmits the basic principles of text construction, including the memory of the past and the literature past as well.

Keywords: platinum century, Russian literature of late XX — early XXI century, literary text, cultural memory, cultural genome.




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