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Russian Stylistics as the Primary Element and as a Link Discipline between Linguistics and Literary Criticism

V.N. Bazylev
80,00 Р


Bazylev Vladimir N.,

Doctor of Philology, Full Professor,

Department of General and Applied Linguistics

Moscow State Pedagogical University



The review outlines features of the book series “Stylistic Heritage”, which include complex consideration of Russian philology heritage. The book series is of undoubted scientific and practical interest. It synthesizes the theoretical and practical approaches, globality of empirical materials that  can be used by various authors. All these features taken together make these books a new contribution to  the history of Russian  philology. The book series “Stylistic Heritage” will be a great help in training courses on Russian philology and Stylistics both in Russian and foreign universities.

Keywords: Russian Philology, stylistics, Russian language, history of language, lexicography, literary editing, rhetoric.