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A Person’s name in a space of time and area

E.S. Velishaeva
80,00 Р


Velishaeva Elvina S.,

Lecturer, Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Russian Philology

Uzbek State University of World Languages, Tashkent, Uzbekistan



The article is developed to a matter of functioning of a personal name in society. The personal name in the work is considered in all variety of interpretation. The nature of a name is many-sided: divine gift, social need, magic symbol, emotional sign, carrier of extralinguistic universals. The anthroponymics problem is analysed; composition of dictionaries of names, experience of composition of dictionaries of Old Russian names from the earliest works in this area to results of the latest researches; the comparative research of the principles of selection of names and ways of their presentation in dictionaries is conducted; much attention is paid to the analysis “The Dictionary of Old Russian personal names 11—14 cс.” —classification, a tipologization, alphabetic construction; three more dictionaries are analysed; the comparative description of their contents and structure is carried out; the prospects of creation of similar dictionaries on material of the modern languages both Slavic, and other families are defined.

Keywords: onomastics, anthroponymics, a sign nature of a name, anthroponomical dictionaries.




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