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The typology of female characters in V. Rasputin’s prose: individual choice vs. archetypal source

V.F. Stepanova
80,00 Р


Stepanova Vasilina A.,

Ph.D. student of the Department of World Literature

and methods of its teaching

Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev



The article presents a typology of female images in the prose of V. Rasputin, appealing to the correlation of the individual choice and archetypal beginning. Fundamental mindsets for a classification are: generic memory, access to the metaphysical, individual choice, created/ protected space. We mark these types: the type of patriarchal woman, treasurer, forcibly taken away, women-wanderer, women-rowdy, women-the builders of the new space, alienated from the genus of and urban women, a woman-avenger. The analysis of the mindsets allows us to conclude that in female characters there is a gender duality: masculine qualities, only outlined in the earliest texts, become the essence of the heroines of the stories of 90-ies: the wife assumes the functions of search activity, protection, and even revenge, while men are endowed with the capacity for reflection, and autobiographical characters even have the ability to output in the metaphysical. Displacement of psychophysiological characteristics occurs in a situation of eschatology, loss of orientation and performs function of world ordering.

Keywords: V. Rasputin, typology, female images, gender duality, mindset.




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