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Thesaurus of short story genre as a work of fiction (on material of J. London’s short stories “The White Silence” and “The Son of the Wolf” in English, Armenian and Russian)

S.N. Semenova
80,00 Р


Semenova Sofiya N.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of English in professional sphere department of Roman-German Faculty

Kuban State University



The article is devoted to the construction of the thesaurus of short story genre as a work of fiction. In this connection texts’ corpus (J. London’s short stories) is studied. The researcher justifies the thesis that thesaurus way of knowledge systematization is given in thesauruses of different branches. They are important for specific information-searching systems where the knowledge representation is equivalent to terminological systematization in the definite subject area. In the research work hyponym-hyperonym relationship is presented as the leading factor of the thesaurus construction of the studied genre.

Keywords: thesaurus, short story genre, fiction, texts’ corpus, hyponym, hyperonym, semantic relationship, subject area, representation of knowledge.




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