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The Arab world in N. Gogol’s perception

L.P. Ivanova
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Ivanova Lyudmila P.,

Dr. sc. in Philology, Professor of Russian Language Department

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kiev, Ukraine



In the article, attempts of reconstruction of the great Russian writer’s vision of the Arab world where he had never been are taken. The analysis is based on N. Gogol’s articles “About the architecture of the present time” and “Al-Ma'mun” (this article was the basis of a lecture read at St. Petersburg University in the presence of V. Zhukovsky and A. Pushkin). The first part of the article devoted to architecture, is based on the description of domes, palaces and other buildings. There described connection and conditioning of architecture with nature, ideology and traditions of the Arab peoples. The second part of the paper represents N. Gogol’s view on the exemplary Arab ruler, whom he considered Haroun, although the analysis is focused on his successor, al-Maʾmūn. The enlightened ruler tried to assimilate Greek science and culture into the Arab world but he had lost connection with the common people and defeated. N. Gogol’s observations are brightly poetically decorated, and relevant to nowadays.

Keywords: lingvoimagology, N. Gogol, exemplary governor, Arabian architecture, al-Maʾmūn.




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