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The fluidity of the language of the moment: Review of the book by Kostomarov V.G.

E.F. Kirov
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Kostomarov, V.G. Language of the moment. The concept of correctness. Saint-Petersburg: Zlatoust, 2014, 219 р. ISBN 978-5-86547-835-5

Kirov Evgeny F.,

Doctor Science on Philology, Professor,

Chairmen of Russian linguistics

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Moscow



The review presents the monograph of the academician Professor V.G. Kostomarov “Language of the moment. The notion of correctness”, published in Publishing House “Zlatoust”. The review considers how the author of the reviewed monograph understands the concept of correctness, which is a complicated way correlated with the concept of the norm, commented on the process of change of linguistic norms and the mutual impact of society and language on each other.

Key words: norm, correctness of speech, antinormal, abnormal language and society, codification.