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“There are strange rapprochement” (“Byvayut strannye sblizhen'ya”): Andrey Belyj — Boris Pasternak

A.Yu. Sergeyeva-Klyatis
80,00 Р  


Sergeyeva-Klyatis A.Yu.,

D. Sci. in Philology, Professor of Department of Jornalizm

at Lomonosov Moscow State University,

Member of Pasternak Commission in Russian Academy of Science,

Leading researcher in the Institute of World Literature RAS



The article is devoted to the image of the child in the autobiographical prose of Andrey Belyj and Boris Pasternak. Documentary book of Andrey Belyj “Between the two centuries” (“Mezhdu dvukh stoletij”) (1930) exerted a significant influence on the further development of the autobiographical genre, including Boris Pasternak, who in his essay, “People and conditions” (“Ljudi i polozhenia”) (1956) returned to the experience of his predecessor and teacher.

Keywords: literary continuity, the autobiography of a writer, images of childhood, chronotope, outer and inner space.