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The universal and idioethnic in the perception of the phenomenon of a Family by Russians, Belarusians and Germans

N.L. Druzhina
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Druzhina Natalya L.,

Post-graduate student of the Department of German Philology,

Faculty of Philology

Vitebsk State University Named After P.M. Masherov, Belarus



The article deals with the system and national and cultural features of language representation of a semantic field family is considered (on the material of the Russian, Belarusian and German languages). National and specific characteristics in the perception of the phenomenon family in Russian, Belarusian and German linguistic cultures are revealed (Russians and Belarusians possess collectivism, emotional estimation, conservatism; Germans have individualism, rationalism, modernism).

Keywords: family, valuable sense of a family, semantic field, universal and idioethnic characteristics of a family.



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